БААТ Одисея ИН Община София

Summary in English

30 September to 2 October 2016 in the garden of the National Theater „Ivan Vazov“

When you see business with fresh ideas, organizations and curious journalists gathering in the center of Sofia, these are Green days.
When you see there hundreds of people crowding, this is the exciting program of Green days.
When the crowd becomes noisy, colorful and full of energy, this is the mood of Green days.
When people leave inspired and enriched, this is the spirit of Green days.
When people’s behavior towards nature and other people becomes more responsible, and they change their attitude to production or consumption, this is the success of Green days …

The festival of responsible tourism, nature and healthy living GREEN DAYS “opens doors” to visitors and minds! “Green Days” are celebration of what is called “lifestyle of health and sustainability”.

Bio market & Travel Show
30 September – 2 Octomber
The festival’s tent is the presentations and meeting point. It also includes exhibition space. The tents can be arranged with shelves as a vending spot for the needs of traders. Another option for tent arrangement offers more space for presentation of travel destinations.

Green Days offer also good possibilities to organize different activities and outdoor demonstrations. These include youth contests on biking and climbing, as well as fun zone for active games and performances.

During the event you are invited to:
Open-air fair – products for a healthier and a more responsible daily round
Presentation of ecologically and socially responsible businesses
The Bulgarian Green Tourism: destinations, tour operators, guesthouses, outdoor shops
Interactive initiatives – dance and art workshops, climbing & biking competitions, and many more surprises
Donation campaign
Photo exhibition
It is a promotion of creativity, innovations and adventures.

Media coverage

Green Days consist of many activities and events. Press releases are disseminated before, during and after the events. Different events are communicated in these press releases in order to target journalists’ special interest. As a result one media often publishes articles with different topics, but circulating around Green Days’ events. Information is usually published as interviews and reportages in most popular daily and weekly newspapers, business and lifestyle magazines, top rated TV broadcasts and internet and social media. In addition advertising campaign takes place immediately before and during the events.

Our partners:

Sofia Municipality

Odysseia-in Ltd.

Ministry of Tourism

Welcome to Sofia in the end of September!

Bulgarian Alternative Tourism Association
Address: 20V, Al. Stamboliiski blvd., 1301 Sofia, Bulgaria
E-mail:  zelenidni.sofia [at] gmail.com

Lubomir Popiordanov
Chairperson of BAAT

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